World of Adventure | :60 Stories

World of Adventure | :60 Stories

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World of Adventure | :60 Stories
  • Unique Events [1 of 4]: Hawaiki Nui Va'a

    The Hawaiki Nui Va’a is the world’s most prestigious outrigger canoe race that takes place over three days between four of the Islands of Tahiti- Huahini, Raiatea, Taha’a and Bora Bora. This year marked the 25th year of the elite competition commonly described as the 'Superbowl’ of Tahiti. Each...

  • Unique Events [2 of 4]: Vertical Blue | Unique Events

    Join the Word of Adventure as we delve into the stunning world of world class freediving. At 663 feet deep Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas is the deepest saltwater blue hole on the planet and we are headed there for Vertical Blue 2016, a competition that draws some of the most extraordinary fr...

  • Unique Events [3 of 4]: Race To Alaska | Unique Events

    The Race 2 Alaska: part race, part dare, part call of the wild. The premise- make it from Washington to Alaska using only human-powered vessels- no motors, no support.

  • Unique Events [4 of 4]: Tuck Fest

    The U.S. National Whitewater Center, located just outside of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, is the world's premier outdoor facility featuring whitewater rafting, biking, zip lines, live music, craft brews, and more. Each year it hosts the Tuck Fest, an adventure sports, music and lifestyle f...

  • Adversity to Inspiration [1 of 4]: Hector Picard | No Room for Excuses

    After losing both arms in an electrical accident Hector Picard took up the sport of triathlon, building his own adaptive tools to help him, fueling his recovery with the desire to inspire others. Now, 160 races later, Hector tries his hand at the grueling SOS Triathlon and reflects back on his j...

  • Adversity to Inspiration [2 of 4]: Karl Kruger | Paddling the Inside Passage

    “In an adventure of this duration you owe it to your former self to keep going. You think about all the effort that you have put in to that point and you think about who you were back then, giving it your all. In the shoes I’m in right now, I owe it to me back there. I cant quit now, its just not...

  • Adversity to Inspiration [3 of 4]: Candice Caesar | Because I Can

    At 26 after surviving a vehicle explosion while on active duty Candice Caesar was told she would never walk again. Thinking of her 2-year-old son at home she simply responded, ‘I’m going to walk a marathon’. 19 years later Candice has RAN over 25 marathons and has no plans to slow down.

  • Adversity to Inspiration [4 of 4]: Mackenzie Bogart | Inspired to Ride

    "I heard my sisters won the competition and I think I wanted to do it and win for my family, and I actually did it. After battling leukemia Mackenzie Bogart has been able to accomplish her goal of competing in the USASA national championships.

  • Inspiring Women Athletes [1 of 4]: Hinatea Bernadino | Racing with the Mana

    Hinatea Bernadino comes from a family of champion Tahitian paddlers and has earned her place as captain of an all-women’s outrigger canoe team and won at the highest level of the sport. She brings the same tenacity developed in racing to the fight for women’s equality in the sport, and has a stro...

  • Inspiring Women Athletes [2 of 4]: Annabel Anderson | Fork in the Road

    After two years working in an office, Annabel was ready for a change of pace. Going from a desk job to competing in SUP, mountain bike, and multi-sport races and adventures around the world and through this inspiring the next generation of athletes. Her story is one of passion and fearlessness, e...

  • Inspiring Women Athletes [3 of 4]: Lynsey Dyer | Showing Up

    Fearless skier, artist, and entrepreneur Lynsey Dyer believes nothing short of showing up every day and putting in the work is the key to building confidence. She seeks to in inspire other women and especially young girls through her work and mentorship. Watch her :60 Story.

  • Inspiring Women Athletes [4 of 4]: Kitty Calhoun | Follow your Dreams

    Kitty Calhoun hit the road shortly after high school to begin her climbing journey, which has included first ascents, guiding, and traveling the world. Now she gives back to the community that embraced her by teaching climbing clinics for women with Chicks Climbing and Skiing. She’s inspired so m...

  • The Mental Game [1 of4]: Lynsey Dyer | Flowstate

    Lynsey is a big mountain skier, entrepreneur, all around badass, and a true proponent of mental awareness and fortitude. See how Lynsey taps into the Flow state in this :60 Story

  • The Mental Game [2 of 4]: Andy Lewis | Navigating Fear

    Andy Lewis. In the world of slacklining and highlining, Andy is progressive, to say the least. He’s no stranger to breaking records, pushing limits, and risking his life to prove that it can be done.

  • The Mental Game [3 of 4]: William Trubridge | Deep Sea Meditation

    William Trubridge has been a dominant force in freediving over the last decade, winning multiple world titles and setting world records like it’s his job, as well as teaching the next generation of freedivers at his dive school Vertical Blue. He tells us the secret to his success in this :60 Story.

  • The Mental Game [4 of 4]: Kyle Dietz | A Fighter on the Run

    Having been an MMA fighter Kyle Dietz has taken his share of punches. So what could be more painful than fighting in an MMA fight? Possibly attempting to run the Waitukubuli Trail in Dominica. :60 Story.

  • Breakthrough Moment [1 of 4]: Rush Sturges | Forged in Whitewater

    Growing up on the river, it is no surprise that Rush Sturges is the kayaking legend that he is today, but he wasn't always sure that was the life he wanted. Learn how he discovered his passion for kayaking in this :60 Story.

  • Breakthrough Moment [2 of 4]: Phil Hansen | Moving West

    Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to take it to the next level. For Phil it was throwing everything he could in the back of his Subaru and heading to Washington. Take a look at his Breakthrough Moment in this :60 Story.

  • Breakthrough Moment [3 of 4]: Johnny Collinson | Raised in the Backcountry

    A family that skis together becomes pros together... or at least that's how it worked in the Collinson family. See how growing up together in Little Cottonwood Canyon made Johnny and his sister Angel two of the most dynamic backcountry skiers around, in this Breakthrough Moment // :60 Story

  • Breakthrough Moment [4 of 4]: Raimana | The Making of a Tahitian Surf Legend

    Sometimes all it takes is your buddy telling you to leave the body board in the boat and grab a surfboard. At least that’s how it went for Raimana. Take a look at how the legendary Raimana Van Bastolaer got his start in this :60 Story.